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Thursday, April 5, 2012

100 Tristans

So this project didn't go where I thought it would.  That happens sometimes.  Sometimes a project takes you someplace you didn't expect.  Sometimes, when you think you've given up on a project, it has a way of spontaneously taking a life of its own.

No solo kills, yet.  But since I've joined R-V-B, I've participated in 145 kills and most of those have been in my trusty Tristan.  145 kills worth 3.89b isk and I've lost 18 ships 15 of which were tristans.

My first Tristan loss was to Sir Horace.  I foolishly thought my little tristan could take on a thrasher.  I turned the microwarp on and headed toward my target, being careful to approach at an angle.  My shields were gone in the first volley.  My armor took three volleys and before I could break off, my hull disappeared. My blasters didn't even scratch his paint.

My second loss was to a Kestrel.  That was humiliating.  Also demoralizing.  Two losses in and I was already losing hope.  I took my Tristan out to blow up a Titan and ended up on this kill. (Scroll down.  Keep going....  your almost there.  Yup down there.  At the bottom.  Thats me!).  Shortly after that, I wrote this.  A turning point, at last. 

In the course of a month, I've learned that:

a) In a solo frigate vs. destroyer, unless your very lucky, the destroyer wins. 

b)  If your guns aren't on, you're not contributing damage.  When an FC calls primary, and your flying a blaster tristan, if the target isn't already in your optimal then choose another target. 

bi)  You have a role in fleet.  If you're in a Tristan, you're not really contributing a whole heck of a lot of DPS; your job is to secure the next target and soften them up a bit.  You're not so much ignoring your FC as much as you're anticipating his next command.  (just don't let him catch you on any solo kills during the fleet fight!)

c)  Its ok to warp off the field when you get to armor (if you can).  You're doing the fleet a favor by surviving just a little longer. 

d) Its not ok to warp of the field if you have point on the secondary (or tertiary) target, especially if its a shiny target, even if you're in structure.

e) Overheat your guns early.  If you're in a frigate, keep them hot; you're going to die early and there's no point in saving them.

f)  Get through the demoralizing first few losses. More importantly, don't let the enemy in your head.

Also:  Frigates are cheap(ish).  They make your efficiency look really amazing if you manage to do nothing more than get a point on a more expensive ship.