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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tristan Project

One down, 100+ to go.  I'm starting to rethink this project already.

A) Tristans are no match for destroyers.  I barely had my opponent's Thrasher half through shields before I popped.  I think the only damage I was dealing was with my rockets.  I was scrammed and webbed before I could close the range.  Six AC II's are going to do a lot more damage in 5s it takes to get in blaster range than a couble of rockets launchers are.  To add insult to injury, I paid the 30m isk ransom my opponent asked for to spare my 100m isk implants and 20m isk clone.  (Note:  be sure to use empty clone next time).

B)  I forgot to overheat weapons; I should have overheated weapons at the start of the 15s engagement, but I'm not sure that would have made a difference.  Also, my drone never the cargo bay - DOH!  But really, even if I had remembered to do those things, I'm not sure that I'd have had enough time to manually adjust my orbit.

C)  I spent three hours looking for a solo match near Amamake for Tristan #2.  All of the ships I found were T2 frigates or small gangs.  Solo kills are elusive, especially for the lowly Tristan.

As for my pledge - flying a Trsitan exclusively until I have 10 kills is not realistic.  I have the means to purchase 100 fitted Tristans, but getting even a small number of ships to another region without using my hauler just isn't reasonable.  Also, I've been invited a number of times to join other operations that require a bit more firepower than my Tristan can supply and it seems pointless to pass those opportunities up for the sake of the pledge.

No, I'm not giving up just yet.  I just have to be more realistic about my expectations.  I have an opportunity to take a few Tristans out to NPC null sec.  This opportunity comes at a time when I've been invited to join a WH corp.  If I join the WH corp, I will not likely have an opportunity to use my Tristans.  On the otherhand, I've been leaning toward life in the hole since I came back to EVE a few months back.  I'm drawn to the frontier and wild-west game play idea.  So, yeah.  I'm rethinking this project.  Meanwhile, if you happen to see me in a Tristan, grab a frigate and engage me, but don't expect me to pay more than 15m ransom for my pod.

On another note:  I need to stay away from EVE-O forums.  Its a poisonous environment with lots of rage from a lot of folks who think they know how to design a game better than the professionals.  Also, that bitter taste in my mouth is starting to become noticeable again.

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  1. Don't stick to it. Go do other things and come back to the Tristans when you have the time and inclination.