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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jita will burn! (Wait, let me get my popcorn!)

When I got home from work this evening I saw the devblog.  It wasn't surprising.  I was prepared to move on and relegate this whole affair to the dust bin.  But then I read The Mittani's statement on EN24.

ROFL!!!! Poor Mittani!  Best tears ever!

I was entirely prepared to change my opinion of the poor bastard.

"Yet for CЅM7 I am going to refuse to accept the Chairmanship when CSM7 takes office‚ but not because of our enemіes trying to use my Fanfest fuckup for ingame political advantage."  Is the master of the metagame really complaining about his enemies tactics?

"Why did the shitstorm break out on Monday, when I was drunk on Thursday night? The hard fact is this: the gaming media hates CCP after the Incarna incidents..."  When you can't point the finger at yourself, the "media" is the next most obvious choice.  Read the entire paragraph here.  Is The Mittani taking credit for Crucible?  I was there.  The Mittani was conspicuously absent.

"As the profile of the CSM has raised due to Vile Rat and my successes on the Council‚ pressure has іncreased on CЅM members – and particularly the Chair – to be ‘upstanding citizens’ in Eve Online itself. An ‘upstanding citizen’ cannot lead Goonswarm."  That didn't stop him last year.  Not sure that anything has changed.  Oh Wait!  He got drunk!

"...but after what I’ve seen over the past few months and now at Fanfest, it is clear that I can either lead the CЅM or lead Goonswarm. "  Read:  "I didn't want that seat anyway"

" We need to get Razor a new home. "  How magnanimous of our dear (ex) chairman to give RAZOR a new home. 

"Jita will burn."  I'm going to get in my stealth bomber and head to 4-4 for the fireworks.  Can't wait to watch all those goonies get popped by the gate guns! Popcorn is already in the microwave.  Mittens is only 9 months late to the Jita Riots.  Someone should tell him its over.


  1. Your hatred of The Mittani is palpable. His critics understand his contributions to the game. You only have a personal hatred...get over it...it's a game.

    I think Mittens' release from CSM can be good. He enjoys the spotlight and now will work to keep himself relevant through in-game actions instead of metagames. Far from the cascade fail that some expect, I expect the goons will unleash a world of hurt one tear-filled event after another (incursion interdictions, hulkaggedon-of-the-month, the great Jita 4-4 Freighter ban). It's just what the game needs now to turn the focus away from personal hatred and outside politics back to exploding spaceships.

    1. I don't hate The Mittani and I don't hate the Goons. It is true that I don't like either, but mostly because I disagree with the play style. I have to admit that I get mildly annoyed with the Goon trolls in forums, with the metagame tactics, and with the distracting drama. I guess thats consistent with Goons griefing strategy, but you have to excuse me if I don't "get over it" when someone actively tries to ruin my game. I'm going to take a certain amount of glee when the proponents of that game play style fail.

      Also, I think its very hypocritical of a metagame master to cry foul when the political forces use the metagame against him. The Mittani appeared to be a spoiled child throwing a tantrum when things didn't go his way and the best way of dealing with such a child is to ignore him.

      Anyway, good luck with your 'interdictions', Mordis, but you'll have to excuse my laughter when Concord shows up and pops you.

      Hate? Absolutely not! Pitty mixed with amusement is what I was going for here.