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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Moving on ...

Ok, the drama surrounding the closing of Fanfest seems to have subsided a bit. It is really unfortunate that the last event detracted so much attention from some of the real issues presented at fanfest. Leave it to the drama queens to figure out how to upstage CCP at their own event - and thats the last word from me on that.

Here's what I took out of Fanfest 2012:

  • EVE has matured and CCP can let the players take over some of the NPC functions that were necessary early on in the game. (maybe we ought to re-think that?)
  • Inferno will be about war. As such, CCP is revisiting the war and crimewatch mechanics.
  • Ships will be rebalanced with emphasis on their roles and the skill tree will have to be re-worked to accomplish that.
  • World of Darkness is still being worked on and it will be dark!
  • Dust 514 is imminent.
  • Faction warfare will get some attention; the sovereignty mechanics will be brought in line with those of null-sec.
  • CCP has an opportunity to update the graphics in EVE, but it will require one year from a dedicated team and might delay other projects.
  • Between the sheets ... erm lines:  CCP is getting very cozy with Sony and Nvidia.  (Threesomes are fun especially when you're in the middle!  Be careful of jealousy though.)
I'm going to go back and review some of the fanfest videos over the next few days to see if there was anything really interesting there.  We really need to get back to FIS or even WIS and move away from the distraction of the last few days.

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