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Saturday, February 11, 2012


Dovinian opened his candidacy with a short introduction about his RL character.  He's young and married with no kids....yet.  The next important point to me is the fact that he joined EVE a few years prior, but left because the game was too complicated and had too few resources for him to get a firm grasp.  I can certainly relate to that.  I assume that since he mentioned the new player experience, that this is one area that he's interested.  He also mentioned that he thought that the POS and corporation management interfaces need some attention....Indeed they do.

His introduction was followed by a long list of Dreddit (the corporation to which he belongs) members endorsing his candidacy and a few Goons sprinkled in for good measure.  Most of the thread, however, was about 'beeping'.  The thread was apparently locked by a Developer, and then unlocked after which the discussion about 'beeping' continued.

Dreddit and TEST Alliance are primarily null sec outfits.  Null Sec interests are well represented throughout the list of candidates and, unfortunately, Dovinian did not distinguish himself. 

I didn't bother to look beyond Dovinian's candidacy post for insights because I don't take his candidacy seriously.  I will, of course, keep an open mind.

Good luck Dovinian.

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