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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hans Jagerblitzen - Turning the Tables

I've been reading a lot of candidate statements and old forum posts in the last few weeks.  Most of the candidates statements have no substance to them.  Also, it seems that the null sec alliances are extending their meta game to CSM. 

Most of the really important mechanics in EVE are broken and CCP is going to have to step up their game this year.  CSM7 will have to present a vision to CCP of how the game should look or we'll be stuck with an expansion similar to Dominion.  (Dominion is proof that the developers don't actually play their own game).  When I review a candidate, I'm looking for that vision.  Its unlikely that CCP will implement all of the ideas of all of the candidates.  Its not even likely that they adopt most of the ideas; CCP likes to come up with their own solutions.  But CSM has an opportunity to guide CCP in very specific directions and the vision of CSM candidates give folks like me a sense of what that direction is.

Hans Jagerblitzen did just that.  He made the effort to write some of his thoughts down in a 'manifesto'.  Though he bills himself as an "Empire Candidate" he is no carebear.  His manifesto presents some ideas about how to restore the war dec and bounty system, how to reinvigorate low-sec, and most important (for me) how to bring some balance back empire pvp.  He is not one of those griefers you see on the forums whining that  Empire is too safe, nor is he a carebear advocating rainbows and ponies.  His vision is fair and balanced and, if implimented, would go a long way toward freshening up Empire life.

Why should you vote for him? 

  • Empire residents:  He's got your back.
  • Faction Warfare:  He's one of you!
  • Low-sec Pirate:  You want more targets, right?
  • Griefers:  some of you may enjoy prey that fights back.  Tear collectors should vote for someone else.
  • Null Sec/WH Residents:  This plan offers a bridge between Empire residency and Null residency.  Seriously, some of the null bloc solutions I've seen will more likely to cause an empire resident to unsub than to move to null.  Null needs more cannon fodd...erm combat pilots and CCP needs more subs.  This guy knows what he's talking about and you can spare a seat at the table for him.
  • Industrialist:  Sorry Indy's....I don't share enough of your perspective to be able to tell you how this plan will work for you.
So we've established that Hans has a vision, but he has some hurdles he has to overcome.  A) He doesn't have a lot of exposure - yet.  CSM7 is too important for you to vote for a candidate who won't get a seat.  That being said, HE IS WORTHY OF YOUR SUPPORT! At the very least, he has the opportunity here to change the focus of the discussion.  B)  If (when) elected, he will likely be surrounded by delegates who are louder and have a different agenda.  He needs overwhelming support to legitmize his campaign.  MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I'll be following Hans's candidacy closely here.  He's got my interest and he really deserves yours.

Here are some usefull links if you want to show your support or learn more:

Blog:  http://hansshotfirst.blogspot.com/
Manifesto:  http://dl.eve-files.com/media/1202/Hans_Jagerblitzen_for_CSM7.pdf
Candidacy Announcement:  https://forums.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=66900&find=unread

EDIT:  Hans's candidacy announcement clearly shows that he has the support, his platform is legitimate, and he is electable.  Go for the Chair, Hans!


  1. Hopefully he'll actually send in an application soon. Whereas he has his 100 likes to get on the ballot, he has not actually filed his candidacy application with CCP.

    1. Seems Hans has his application in. Let the campaigning begin!