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Monday, November 28, 2011

All the Cool Kids are Doing It....

Early in my EVE career, someone suggested that the best way to learn to PVP is to buy a bunch of frigs, take them into low-sec and shoot anything that moves.  I think my mentor must have a blog somewhere because in the last two hours, I found Project Rifter, and the more recent effort 100 Tristans.  So this isn't a very original idea, but I really should have done something like this years ago.

I love the Rifter, but I think that doing this in a rifter would be a cliche.  I could salvage some originality here and try the Punisher or Merlin, but I have very little experience with either of these two ships.  Also CRUCIBLE!  My understanding is that small hybrids won't be getting much attention, but what the hell.

So here's my fit:

Highs:  Hybrid guns
Mediums: propulsion, tackle, e-war
Lows:  armor tank
Drone:  Yes
Rigs: probably

My goal:  10 kills.  My mode of discipline - I will fly no other ship but a Tristan until I've achieved 10 kills.  I'll be documenting my efforts here as well as following Poetic Stanziel's efforts (and anyone else who might undertake this sojourn)

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