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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Last week, my mother had surgery and I drew the short straw, so I get to play nurse.  For the last week or so, I've experienced EVE vicariously through other bloggers.  Wow, there are a lot of good writers out there!  (My mother is doing fine, thank you.)

In this forum post, players were trying to guess the name of the up coming winter expansion.  "Purgatory" came closest.  Its always fun to see how predictions play out.  Crucible, besides being a vessel used to mix ingredients (often very hot ingredients), also refers to a test of faith.  Both definitions are apt.

I had a brief opportunity today to see Crucible when I ran home to change my skill queue.  When I logged in, I thought I downloaded the Russian client by mistake.  It took my eyes a few seconds to register the characters.  Then I noticed my windows floating all over the place.  Ugh!  After I changed up my skill queue, I opened up the ship fitting window to see how my Megathron fared: the red and the blue bars were significantly smaller than I recall!  (Note to self:  revisit your Gallente fits!).  I nearly logged off, but remembered Nebulae!  I undocked.


CCP, you outdid yourselves!  The graphics are stunning!  And what are those big points of light up there - oh ya, the stars!  Bigger ones are closer so that must be, ummmm....  Lol.  I'm not a stranger to Sinq, but I couldn't tell you if my pod depended on it which way Dodixie is.  Oh!  and warp tunnels.  Off to the gate I go.  I just wish I had a planet to warp through.  Shimmering, distorted waves of light swam around me - beautiful!  I'm afraid me and hundreds of thousands of other capsuleers have been dupped into playing Atlantis Online though.  No, its not a complaint - just an observation.  Oh and before I forget, I must see the engine trails.  I approach the gate and orbit, full speed, at 290ish m/s  Blue light streams out the back of my Mega, but its just barely visible.  I change direction - nope nothing.  Then I see a concord cruiser burning toward the gate with a long fiery trail.  Very nice.  Presumably my mega is too slow to leave long trails.  Then I press both mouse buttons by accident and my camera does some wierd things!  What the hell is that?!  This is going to make for some great new vids.  No time to do any more exploring; I'm pretty sure my mother needs her toenails trimmed or something.

My Tristan project will be more interesting with the Gallente buffs.  I've seen some references to the Tristan being the new Rifter.  We'll see.  I get home next week sometime.

CCP, this is indeed your test. I doubt you'll see too many unsubs from font rage, or floating windows (and if you do, good riddance).  I saw a brief post in corp chat from someone who rolled a character just to see what the changes looked like.  I suspect you'll have a new sub soon.  Keep up the good work!

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