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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Question #007 - What is your favourite Crucible Fluff

Question #007
What is your favourite fluff feature in Crucible?

As I stated in my previous post, I was really blown away by the new graphics.  The nebulae are beautiful and the stars are more than just points of lights in the background.  I nearly forgot about the fact that those stars are now more than just background.  Sure, yes, I know, they are still static.  I can imagine one day, hovering my cursor over one of those stars and having the system name pop up - possibly allowing me to set my destination.  Maybe jump gates will disappear and I'll be able to warp directly to those systems?  (That would be game changing though)

I haven't yet explored a WH since Crucible was released, but I wonder what the stars look like there?  Do those stars represent nearby systems?  If I happen to recognize a constellation, does that mean my WH can access that constellation?  Also,  do the stars change as WHs open and close?  (I'm probably overthinking this.)

Anyway, the new graphics are my favourite piece of fluff.  They create a truly immersive environment.

Bonus Response ... Is there anything in Crucible that isn't fluff?  Yes, some of the changes will require pilots to adjust their tactics.  Yes, PI ownership changes will have ripple effects in the market.  Capital nerfs and new anti-cap BCs (super ninja boats?) will demand adjustments.  BUT, there is no new content. WH's (Apocrypha), Incursions (Incursion), Sov changes (for better or worse - Dominion), were truly new content.  Crucible is just a bunch of great new toys.

I'm going to contradict myself just a bit here - the PI changes might not be fluff.  Ownership of Customs Stations is probably a prelude to DUST. 

Fly Safe (or not!)  07


  1. With respect to w-space, check out this project:


    To be honest, the stars in w-space don't really match up to normal space ... so the project is more of a roleplaying exercise than anything else ... but the effort they are putting into it is cool nonetheless.

  2. I saw a thread on the forums about a group of people doing research on W-space in EVE. It was pretty crazy stuff, but the basic gist was that the W-Space galaxy was pretty heavily linked to EVE in terms of actual system locations. The network connections were a bit more complex and interesting however.

    But, instead of telling you about it, I encourage you to go check it out. The feel of no local makes space seem quite a bit bigger ;)

  3. @ Poetic ... interesting read. There are a lot of very creative souls out there.

    @ Truen1ght ... I used to run sites with former corp mates shortly after Apocrypha was released. Early in our exploration, half a dozen of us went into a class 3 with a salvager. We filled our hulls with salvage, and 12 hours later, we had to find a new exit. We ended up in low-sec about 20 jumps from home. We made the trek quickly. Once home, I sold the loot - 1.5b isk worth! I had to change my shorts after realizing the risk we took! WH space has held a special place in my heart ever since. Thanks for droping by, Truen.

  4. The effort has gone poorly to be frank. I'm simply overloaded with classes and work enough that I just come home and veg out. I've been eating less (alot less) and mostly meat, but that's about it.

    In terms of diet, I know what WILL work, but I'm completely unenthused about it. Eggs for breakfast, ham sandwich for lunch, chicken and green beans for dinner, water for drinks, and thats it. The exercise plan would have been good had I done that, but I didn't, and now I know.

    Right now I'm in my last two weeks of school this semester, then I'll have more time and less load. It should be a bit easier to get going on it again then.